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Bob Rigaud guitars designs and builds custom acoustical guitars using the finest materials. Each piece of wood used in the instrument is selected for it’s tonal and aesthetic qualities.

Each guitar is designed to have it’s own voice and it’s own personality. The bracing and structure of each guitar made is unique to the instrument.

Over a 44 year history, Bob Rigaud has worked on most every make and model of guitar made. He has dissected these and now uses the very best features from the very best guitars in his own signature guitars. An old world mastery that comes into play with one person making an a complete instrument that has been lost in factory produced guitars.  The journey begins with the bonding of an instrument to it’s owner, and from this, beautiful music is made in the world.

New Movie coming out soon “Heirloom: Guitar”
Great pleasure for Rigaud Guitars to be part of this.

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