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Bob Rigaud guitars designs and builds custom acoustical guitars featuring beautiful exotic woods, craftsmanship and inlays. Our custom guitars produce incredible sound – they are exceptional every time. The bracing and structure of each guitar we make is carefully designed. The shape of the body on each model is the only item that is repeated.

Over a 40+ years history, Bob Rigaud has worked on most every make and model of guitar made. He has dissected these and now uses the very best features from the very best guitars in his own signature model guitars. Each component is created for the maximum contribution to the guitar as a whole.

When you own a Bob Rigaud custom guitar, you own the best quality guitar you can buy. Bob Rigaud custom guitars – the quality, workmanship, and beauty can be heard in every note!

New Movie coming out soon “Heirloom: Guitar”
Great pleasure for Rigaud Guitars to be part of this.

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