Nokie Edwards Custom Guitar

Custom Made for Nokie Edwards, this one of a kind special guitar was a precious keepsake for the guitar legend Nokie Edwards.

Guitar Specs.

  • Nokie Edwards personal nylon string guitar 19 8182 number 007
  • Starnut back and sides
  • Purfling and Rosette trim sterling silver
  • Pick up Baldwin Prismatone Ebony bridge
  • Name inlay on Ebony fretboard as
  • Fret markers as specified by Nokie  ( 12 Fret N, 9th fret E , 7th fret W, 5th fret R, 3rd fret S )
  • Three-piece pickguard teak
  • Ebony star rosette – mother of pearl and abalone inlays
  • Mark leaf custom case
  • Gold Schaller tuner keys

Nokie Edwards Guitar Detail Photos

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